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What’s this all about anywho?

In the past I’ve been quite reluctant to put up too much personal information in one place…..perhaps it’s past time for me to tell some of my story.

Hi, I’m Cathryn…. I have several websites, another blog but this one will be different. This is my personal blog, a place to tell the stories of a long, weird, often painful but rarely boring life. I suppose many will consider much of what I write here as a YATA (yet another trans autobiography) but the truth is that despite some similarities to the stories of others, the overriding theme of my life is the differences.  While many would consider my “transition” to realness the most significant factor of my life, I don’t.  It was just another piece of the puzzle along with a deeply spiritual nature and a lifelong interest in the metaphysical.  Historically these are linked but I seem to be a throwback in this respect rather than the rule today.

I just turned sixty recently. No way I ever believed I’d live this long. I doubt this blog will ever get much readership but something compels me to leave at least some record of all the madness that has been a life lived on the outside.

I’m probably going to skip around, just pick a time and place and write about it in no particular order. Self indulgent, yup, of interest to others? remains to be seen.


3 Responses to “What’s this all about anywho?”

  1. Triton said

    Hi – I just ran across your website for the first time and I’m throughly enjoying reading thorugh the old entries. My life is now in for a major change and I have been sick with worry. Reading about the many “lives” you have lived make me feel a little stronger about faceing the future. Thank you for writting this blog and know that it has helped out at least one poor soul.

  2. Jessie said

    Thank you.

  3. Mari said

    I was one of those “damned transgenders” who you thought was trying to corrupt your vision of the Matreum. No longer a transgender, I see where you were at then, and where you are now, and I just wanted to say “thank you” for sharing your thoughts and feelings, they have come to mean a lot, they have helped me along the way into my own womanhood. I never thought I would be saying these things, but inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places, huh?

    Take care.

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